Recreational League Update

The 2011 Fall Recreational Season was a fun and exciting one! Although there were many schedule changes due to the success of the LSU football season and its TV schedule the Fall Season was an overall success.

We have noticed a big upturn in coaching and team play over the past few seasons due to the coaching education many of our recreational coaches have pursued.  Over the season we held recreational clinics that had very great attendance and we are looking to hold many more this spring!

We will have Clinics for each of the following age groups: U5-U6, U7-U8, U9-U10. The age groups are grouped together in pairs based on the specific needs of the children in those age ranges. For example, partner work is really starting to develop at U8 and more partner oriented work would be involved in those clinics than the U5-U6, which would have a large focus on simple movements. The additional purpose of these clinics is to help educate parents about how many touches a player should be getting on the ball and how often the kids should have a ball at their feet to develop. These clinics will be spread out throughout the season and will be FREE to BRSA members.

BRSA is looking to continue to grow in the recreational sector as we have so much potential and great kids, coaches, parents involved.

If you are interested in coaching a recreational group or in programs for recreational players please contact BRSA Recreational Coordinator Brett Malone:

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