Letter from the President (December)

Dear Baton Rouge Soccer Members,

I was tempted to write one of those “my kid is better than your kid” holiday letters.  You know the type of letter … “Our precocious youngest son, age seven, founded a mission in Kenya that is bringing running water to village located 100 miles from the nearest water source.”  But, I thought that might not go over so well.  But, in the spirit of bragging about our club, here are some things you might not know that have occurred over the past 12 months.

This spring, Baton Rouge Soccer had its first marriage on the fields when Janet Whyde and Dale Landry got married following the last game of the Over 40 season.  Soccer playing Judge, Mike McDonald officiated.  Congratulations to the soccer-playing couple.

We recently held our first raffle, giving away a Toyota Camry to Jennie Hillard.  You’ll read in this newsletter that our membership sold enough raffle tickets to raise more than $32,000 that we will use toward further facility improvements at Burbank.

The Board of Baton Rouge Soccer adopted a strategic plan that will guide our actions and decisions for the next several years.  Included in this plan are field improvements, seeking additional sources of revenue (other than member fees), improved member satisfaction, planning for future growth and improved coaching and parent education.

We were honored to partner with BREC to bring author Jeremy Boone to town in September to speak to the community and to our members.  Mr. Boone’s message is one that challenges each of us to become better parents to our young athletes.

Participation in local soccer has never been stronger.  In addition to our 4,000 youth players and 2,000 adults, there are hundreds of Hispanic players in town and vibrant clubs in Zachary, Livingston, Ascension, north Baton Rouge and West Baton Rouge. More middle schools than ever before are fielding teams and local high school soccer teams are challenging for state titles in all classifications.  In fact, a majority of the coaches who are involved with these high school and middle school teams are involved with Baton Rouge Soccer.

Finally, the family of Ryan Tapp has established the Ryan Tapp Memorial Scholarship fund.  This gift will help some families with the fees, so their children can play in our recreational leagues.  Please consider making a gift to this fund.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!  I wish you all a safe, joyous and peaceful season.


Bob Johannessen

President Baton Rouge Soccer

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