Coach’s Corner – Passing/Possession Training

Two Up – Two Down

  • Divide team into two groups
  • Have players pair up with another player within their group
  • Assign each pair a number (red = 1 – ? and white = 1 – ?)
  • The objective is to maintain possession to complete a number of passes as determined by the coach
  • When a player looses possession, they must call out their number and that pair immediately takes a knee.
  • They’re out the game until their group regains possession.
  • This allows two situation to occur:

1.The defending group must now defend with numbers down (- 2 players)
2.The group in possession now have a numerical advantage (+ 2 players)

  • When the defending group regains possession, the 2 players who were kneeling get back up to give their group numerical advantage in possession.
  • The transition in this game is very rapid (i.e. players up; players down). The coach must facilitate the flow of the game.

Coaching points:
Speed of execution: movement of ball – first touch, playing with different surfaces, vision.
Mobility: movement of players – timing of runs, creating space for self or others.
Support play: angel, distance & body shape.
Decision-making: i.e. if you don’t have pressure on you, don’t pass to a teammate who has.

Variation: One Up – One Down
Divide the team into two groups.
When a player looses possession, only that player takes a knee. This provides more of a challenge for the group in possession due to them only having one extra player.

This exercise can be used to conduct offensive training sessions on speed of play, possession play, rhythm of play, etc. It can also be used for defensive training sessions – small group defending (pressure, cover, and balance), team pressing, high pressure, etc.

For more information contact BRSA Director of Coaching, Marvin Smith 225-266-1395 or email:

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