BRSC Wants You to do the Louisiana 2 Step

There are a multitude of benefits that soccer provides, but the most important is the effect it has on your overall health. To help you take a more active role in your health beyond the soccer pitch, we partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to help you and your families join the Louisiana 2 Step.

“We are excited about partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield on the Louisiana 2 Step Program,” said Bo Cassidy, Director of Marketing at the Baton Rouge Soccer Club. “The resources and tools of 2 Step will be a healthy guide for our entire membership.  While we know our members are active playing soccer, we believe the 2 Step Program is the next step for creating health conscience members.”

There is no denying that most of our members enjoy the game of soccer because of enjoyment it provides, but it also has several long lasting effects. Peter Katzmarzyk, PhD, FACSM from Pennington notes that “Sustained aerobic physical activity like that obtained from playing soccer has been shown to have many long term health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers.”

By signing up for the free Louisiana 2 Step program, you will be able to track your food intake, activities, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, find wellness resources in your area and gain access to a wealth of tips and ideas.

You can also take your 2 Step social and start a team. Forming a team is a great way to give and receive encouragement, set goals and share your favorite recipes and fun fitness ideas.

There is also, 2 Step 4 kids, a program specifically tailored to meet the unique physical needs of children twelve and younger. There are fun games that teach healthy eating habits, a quiz to test your child’s knowledge about their body and how it works, fun fitness tips and a way to set goals to try new foods that grow in Louisiana.

Adults interested in joining can do so at  The children’s site can be found at  iPhone users can also track their activity on-the-go and download the free Louisiana2Step app from the iTunes App Store.

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