Warm Up Activities For Dribbling – U10 & Above

by Marvin Smith, BRSC Director of Coaching

Activity 1: Speed Dribbling to solve pressure

Objective: Improve speed dribble, Recognizing space & Dribbling to avoid other players “defender”.

Organization:Players dribble in a 20 X 20 grid.On coach’s signal, the players should dribble out one side of the grid, execute a turn and dribble back in. A)Dribble out one side turn and dribble back in. B)Dribble out one side turn dribble out the opposite side, turn and dribble back in. C)Dribble out one side turn, dribble out the opposite side, turn and dribble out another side, turn and dribble back in.D)Dribble out and in using all four sides.

Activity 2: Speed Dribbling to exploit space

Objective: Dribbling at top speed and Turning

Organization: Players dribble back and forth from goal line to top of 18 yard box for set time period, i.e. 30 sec. A)Dribble with ball close to body. B) Dribble with one foot, turn and dribble with other foot. C) Dribble space using three touches – make touch 4-5 yards to allow three or four steps between touches. D) Dribble space using touch – make touch about half way and sprint after ball. E) Dribble space using one touch. F) Dribble at angle out of turn

Activity 3: Dribbling to beat defender (moves, fakes, faints)

Objective: Improve players’ confidence and ability to beat defender in 1v1 situations

Organization: Using the poles as defenders, players execute an attacking move to get in the space behind defender as many times for a set time period, i.e. 45 sec. A)Take touch to “seal off” get behind the defender. B)Coach can select which move players perform i.e., Matthews, Rake, fake shot, etc.

Activity 4: Speed Dribble Competition

Objective: Improve separation speed on the dribble

Organization: Using the center circle players spread out on the outside with balls in the center of the circle (extra balls needed. On coach’s signal players should sprint into the circle gets a ball and dribble and stop it on outside of circle. They should sprint back in and dribble another ball until there are no balls left. The players without balls at the end, does extra work, i.e. push-ups, etc.

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