BRSC at National Showcase Events

Merriam Webster defines Showcase as a setting, occasion, or medium for exhibiting something or someone especially in an attractive or favorable aspect.  The term “Showcase” (when referring to showcase soccer tournaments) is pretty similar.

Showcase soccer tournaments are the perfect time for youth soccer players to get the chance to showcase their soccer talents to wide range of college soccer coaches while playing exciting soccer matches against different teams from around the country/world.

Three of the local Baton Rouge Soccer Club teams got the chance to do just that, showcase their talents.

The BRSC U-14 Boys, U-17 Boys, and BRSC/CSC Alliance U-17 girls all took part in two of the largest college showcase tournaments in the country last month.

The BRSC U-17 Boys team travelled to Raleigh, North Carolina during the weekend of November 15-18 2012 to play in the 2012 CASL Showcase.  This is an all boys event that features teams from the entire United States as well as teams from Canada.  The major draw to the CASL (Capital Area Soccer League) is the fact that teams are guaranteed three top level games and a chance to be watched by over 200 coaches from around the country.

The BRSC U-14 Boys team travelled to the highly rated Disney’s Junior Soccer Showcase, presented by AS Roma.  The Disney Junior Showcase is a great event which is held at the spectacular World Wide of Sports, sports complex in Orlando, Florida from November 23 thru November 25th.Disney Showcase

The last Baton Rouge team that participated in a winter showcase event is a combined Baton Rouge and Lafayette girl’s team.  The BRSC/CSC Alliance U-17 girl’s team took part in the all female 2012 CASL Showcase tournament which was held November 30th to December 2nd in Raleigh, North Carolina. This event featured over 300 college coaches and was a great way for the players to showcase their talents to the country’s elite college coaches.

The value of the youth showcase tournament remains to be very high because for the most part, it provides the players with opportunities that they cannot find within their local high schools or area leagues.  Soccer does not feature the luxury that sports such as football or baseball have at the high school level so the showcase route is great for the youth player.

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